El siglo de las siglas (The century of acronyms)

By Lucie J. Lipschütz

Available in Colombia

The Century of Acronyms

By Grámmata Editorial and Angelina Books

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The Lipschütz Shenfeld family

Mauricio, Rosa and little Lucie make up a European Jewish family, cultivated and assimilated, bound together by love and dreams. Dreams of adventure and big business for the father, of peace and stability for the mother, of fantasy and art for the little girl.

Ruined by the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 and the new political system prevailing in their native Russia, Rosa Shenfeld and Maurice Lipschütz will go through the turbulent years of the twentieth century, skillfully dodging, with humor and high doses of luck, the challenges they had to face on a daily basis. In a constant search for a place to live in peace without being harassed, they will become both actors and spectators of the conflicts of the times they lived through.

Their journey goes through World War I, the Revolution and fall of Imperial Russia, the rise of Nazism in Berlin, the growing anti-Semitism in pre-war France, the peak of Fascism in Rome, the Spanish Civil War in Barcelona, until finally settling in Perón’s Argentina.

A life of suitcases, trains, hotels, boats and letters.

Under the uncertainty of a world on the verge of explosion and in constant search of an elusive tranquility, Rosa and Maurice, a couple in love, travel across “the century of acronyms” in all its dramatic amplitude, pushed by the wind of good fortune.

“[My parents’] life was a haphazard life, similar to that of all Russian émigrés tossed around the world like thistles in the wind. It was a troubled life, just like that of all Jews forced to watch helplessly the martyrdom of their people. It was an economically difficult life, like that of all those who were born without the wisdom of the dowser who sniffs out the money under the stones.

Rosa and Lucie 1942

But still, it was a very full, very rich and very happy life because my parents were born with another wisdom, the wisdom of the secret heart. The secret heart had taught them that matters in life is to love, and they knew how to do until the end.”

“That is the life whose memory I wish to leave as an emotional legacy. That is the spirit I wish to remain alive in the lives of my children and grandchildren and their descendants.”

Lucie J. Lipschütz

Firts Edition, Editorial Hebraica, 2005
Second Edition, Editorial Confluencias and Angelina Books, with the support of Centro Sefarad Israel of Madrid, Spain. 2021
Third Edition, Grámmata Editorial and Angelina Books, 2023

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