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From Saturday, November 11 to Monday, December 4, 2023 at Casa de la Literatura San Germán. Calle 63 #75- 86 Barrio San Germán, Sector Firme.


A visual and didactic testimony illustrating the journey of a Jewish family through the great political events that dominated the 20th century.

The first exhibition opened at Claustro Comfama in Medellin, Colombia on July 13, 2023.

Present at the inaugural talk were Enrique Gabriel Lipschütz (Filmmaker and Writer), son of the author, and Lina Echeverri (Producer and cultural manager), curator of the exhibition.

Between 2023 and 2024, the exhibition will tour the Medellín Public Library Systems managed by the Biblioteca Pública Piloto.

The exhibition was shown at the Parque Biblioteca León de Greiff, La Ladera. It is currently on display at the Casa de la Literatura San Germán.

Claustro Comfama was the first space in the world to exhibit the exhibition El siglo de las siglas (The Century of Acronyms).

The exhibition will subsequently be shown at the Centro Sefarad Israel in Madrid and in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The exhibition

A literary exhibition based on the biographical book written by Lucie J. Lipschütz, which tells from the point of view of a young girl, her experiences and those of her family throughout the 20th century. Mauricio Lipschütz and Rosa Shenfeld, Lucie’s parents, live through the peak years of the twentieth century. With good humor and a high dose of luck, they masterfully overcome the challenges they have to face on a daily basis. In a constant search for a place to live in peace, they become both actors and onlookers of the times they have to live in.

Broken after the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, their journey covers the fall of Imperial Russia, the First World War, the rise of Nazism in Berlin, the rise of Fascism in Rome, the Spanish Civil War in Barcelona, all the way to Perón’s Argentina, passing through the interwar period in France.

Despite the uncertainties of a world on the verge of explosion, Maurice, Rosa and little Lucie, were a European Jewish family united by love as well as by the father’s dreams of adventure and big business, the mother’s dreams of peace and stability, and the little girl’s aspirations for fantasy and art.

A life of suitcases, trains, boats, hotels and letters by a loving couple who crossed the century of acronyms.

The exhibition allows the visitor to discover this unique story and compare it with the world context, as well as the Colombian background, through some one hundred family photographs, letters, audio recordings and memorabilia. 

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